Decision-making: Who knows your business best?

In an earlier post, I wrote about recognising the inner circle of your business community – An essential to business success: your inner circle.

Knowing who brings what to your business is important. Each person will have their own specific contribution they can and do make to your business. How do you sift through all the input you get from these people? What if it differs from what you believe in?

A key is to be clear about what the people in your trusted inner circle can bring to your business and what only YOU can bring to your business.

Your business is a unique expression of you!

In some situations, people in our inner circle know us better than we know ourselves. They reveal things about us that can help us grow as an individual, if we’re open to listening. In some situations though, the view might be based on a strategy or emphasis that just doesn’t fit how you want your business to be.

Trust that you know your business best.

I know of a small business where the owners struggle with how their accountant thinks their business should be. It’s true, they would have bigger profits if they didn’t pay for fitness training for their employees or if they didn’t pay for a group visit to the latest art exhibition or if they didn’t close on Tuesday afternoons to give time to staff training. But all of these ‘costs’ create the internal culture that the owners want for their business. They foster creativity, community and a sense of well-being – intangibles that are valuable to the business and the people whose lives are lived through it. These owners know what they want to create. They make decisions to support that vision and they trust that they know their business best.

So the point is this…

Listen to the inner circle that you have around you and if it’s pointing to a blind side, then listen and act and grow. If it’s diverting you from the way you want your business to live and breathe, then listen, but stay on track – trust that you know your business best.