Kim Dao Keeps Cool at Hot Australia Wedding

Kim Dao heads to a wedding with her boyfriend Eric. She is excited to be back in Australia. As they drive down an idyllic Australian road Kim Dao draws our attention to her boyfriend’s brilliant blue cufflinks. When they arrive at the lush and verdant wedding venue Kim Dao comments on the extreme heat. We are treated to a shot of the full hem of her pale pink dress and matching pink shoes as Kim Dao navigates a set of rustic steps leading to the ceremony. She resumes her commentary after the wedding ceremony is complete as she and her friends pile into a car on their way to the wedding reception. Luckily the heat has broken somewhat before Kim Dao and her friends line up for a series of pictures. The women stand in a line with Kim Dao on the far left, her pale dress is striking next to the brilliant reds and blues of her friend’s ensembles. Next Kim Dao and her boyfriend have made their way into the reception. We are shown a shot of the bride, resplendent in white lace, as Kim Dao pans around the room trying to give a sense of the energy of the party. Finally Kim Dao is home. Still in her pink dress she tells us how tired she is from the wedding and cheerfully talks about her plans with her boyfriend for the next morning.

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