How The Kabbalah Centre Is Making Kabbalah Understandable To Ordinary People

Kabbalah is an ancient school of thought, or philosophy, that was on the scene before religion, as we know it today. Legends surround the Kabbalah’s origin, however, most scholars agree that the teachings were given to Adam, who then passed the knowledge of the divine down. Today, Kabbalah is considered a key to unlocking the secrets contained in the Torah, and thus gaining an esoteric knowledge of God and the universe. Studying the Kabbalah was limited to a few chosen, typically married Jewish men who had already been studying the Torah for many years.

Today, theĀ makes it easy for anyone, including men and women and Jews and non-Jews, to find spiritual meaning in their lives by studying Kabbalah. They are quick to point out that studying Kabbalah is not a “Jewish study,” but courses which includes principles that all monotheistic religions have in common. The Kabbalah Centre makes Kabbalah understandable, even to people who have never studied the Torah, and the classes that they offer teach people how to use the lessons to improve their lives. Advanced scholars have access to rare manuscripts and original Kabbalistic texts in the Centre’s museum, which also posts the texts online for people who view studying the Kabbalah as an academic discipline.

Founded by Rabbi Philip Berg in 1969, the Kabbalah Centre is headquartered in Los Angeles, with branches in major cities throughout the world and classes online. While celebrity adherents, sporting their red thread, make the news, the Kabbalah Centre’s have waiting lists for classes because normal, everyday people are flocking to the Centres seeking spiritual meaning in their lives.