Giving the lie to naysayers, Securus walks away with Stevie award

Securus Technologies, the leading provider of inmate communications services, has had the last laugh in the face of its most vocal critics. It has made it to the final round of the 2017 Stevie Awards for business excellence. This represents quite a feat, as the company was competing with thousands of other entrants for the prestigious honor.


Despite receiving negative attention from some groups of partisan critics, Securus has continued to rely on its core philosophies of providing excellence through innovation, compassion and top-rate service.



The critics were wrong all along


Securus operates in an industry which is naturally controversial. Unfortunately, the nature of Securus’ business is that its customers are, quite literally, a captive audience. Some critics have used this unusual and unavoidable feature of Securus’ operations to draw non-sequiturs or use fallacious reasoning. In truth, Securus views the fact that its customers are prisoners as even more reason to adhere to the absolute highest standards of ethics and moral conduct. The critics have often been wildly off-base in accusing Securus of untoward practices.


One specific claim that opposition groups have made is that Securus video visitation, while everyone admits its utility in the context of prisons, has given local jail administrators the excuse they were looking for to arbitrarily ax in-person visitations. The critics claim that this is a violation of inmates’ basic human rights.


These claims are specious on multiple fronts. But the most important thing to address is that, yes, some jails have replaced in-person visitation with video visitation. But that has made those institutions far safer. Additionally, video visitation often provides a much more pleasant experience than talking behind a bullet-proof Plexiglas window over an antiquated hand set.


The truth is that Securus has continued to develop and roll out blockbuster technology that adds value to the lives of both inmates and staff alike.

Finding Help with Securus

Being able to have great communication in the prison system can be a lot more difficult than you think. A lot of individuals are finally being made aware of a company like Securus so that they can begin using it as much as they would like. This amazing company has made for easier video visitation services that you can do right from home simply by using a computer or laptop that you already own. All you have to do is download a simple software program onto your computer or laptop and you can begin using Securus right away.


The multi-state campaign that was launched by this company has allowed for a lot of people to learn about the different Services they are offering, such as video visitation if they might be interested in utilizing each and every time they want to keep in contact with their loved one. Being able to have great communication with your loved one by using a good quality and secure service from the comfort of your own home is something that so many people have been dreaming of for a long time now and are finally being able to use in their own lives.


It is very important that you make use of this company as I have because it truly works to help you close the gap when it comes to communication. My own experience using Securus is a wonderful one and something that I will never give up because of the fact that it allows me to finally keep in touch with one of my close relatives who is behind bars and who I cannot see face to face all the time because it is too inconvenient for me to make a trip to the prison itself with the way that my schedule is at the moment.


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