NuoDB: A Scalable, Yet Stable Cloud Database

NuoDB is a cloud database service based in Cambridge, MA, offering traditional SQL functionality and ACID-compliant reliability, all while being expandable. It achieves this with a 3-tier structure including administrative, transactional, and storage levels. Thus, an application is not limited to a single disk drive. With this structure in place, NuoDB can expand by adding more of its patented servers, rather than rebuilding its existing units.

The company emphasizes the importance of “repeatable analytics on very recent data.” In the past, businesses that thrived on data analytics had to move said data to separate dedicated drives. NuoDB’s tiered system has analytics, among other operations, built in, saving time.

NuoDB was founded as NimbusDB in 2008 by Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey. Bob Walmsley now leads the company, with Morris and Starkey on its board. It has been listed twice in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems, and has raised approximately $60 million in investor capital. Client organizations such as Movemedical, UAE Exchange, and 451 Research enthusiastically endorse NuoDB.

Forbes’ Peter Cohan writes, “NuoDB offers another economic advantage – less wasted processing capacity… NuoDB also offers the ability to expand with cheaper machines and it charges less for its software….over time, NuoDB appears to offer a compelling value proposition to incumbents’ customers.”

Cassio Audi a Talent to Find

Making money with investments takes a variety of talents and skills. There are many people who have the ability to make sound investment decisions, but they lack the talent to make decisions that go beyond just investment numbers. Sometimes investments are about more than numbers. The investments relate to certain factors that are beyond what the numbers can tell people. If it was just numbers, many people could look at the numbers on an investment sheet and make good investment decisions.

However, there are more things that impact investments than the numbers. The markets where investments perform on a daily basis have a great deal to do with the success of the investments. While numbers might state one choice, the movement of the markets might state a different choice. This is why some investment managers, such as Cassio Audi, outperform other investment managers. The talent to choose great investments go way beyond the computer screen or investment printouts. Great investment choices are based on many factors that cannot be easily displayed.

This is why many investors decide to allow investment companies to manage their investments. Everyone cannot pick good investments. Over an extended time period investments will have lows and highs, the people who can decide when to make an investment, hold an investment, or let an investment go will have the best success regarding investments.

An investment manager who has demonstrated the ability to make very good investment decisions is Cassio Audi. Armed with a talent for investing that many people do not have in their arsenal, Cassio Audi has a rare ability to make investment decisions that most people cannot make.

Cassio Audi has an investment background that is filled with honors related to professional achievements. The combination of investment, business, financial, and personal communication skills have all helped to make Cassio Audi a successful investment manager.

Josh Verne Gives His Keys To Success

With over two decades worth of experience, Josh Verne, the CEO of, knows how to be successful. He has vast knowledge in regards to creating, growing, and selling businesses. Recently, he teamed up with Knowledge For Men to give his advice on the key points to being successful, not only in business but in life as a whole.



Strive to be a leader and not a boss



 Verne points out that there are two types of people: bosses and leaders. Bosses use their titles to accomplish their own goals and they demand respect without earning it. Leaders earn their respect by putting their team’s needs above their own. They use that respect to accomplish goals that the team has set. Being a leader will lead to more respect than being a boss.



Stop agreeing to situations that aren’t win-win



You should never agree to situations that are in any way losses. You should always strive for win-win situations. The winning situation should benefit not only you but your team and your clients. No matter how awful it may look, there will always be a way to create a win. If you start looking at life this way, you will force yourself to find the best in each and every situation.



Stop speaking so much and start listening



Verne knows that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. They are meant to be used in proportion with one another. If you speak less, your words will have more power when spoken. People will listen to you more if you have more authority with your words.



It’s important to create balance



Life is all about how you balance it. If one thing is out of order, the rest will suffer. Verne states that creating balance is not about spending exactly the same amount of time on each of life’s areas, but instead it is about striving to make progress in the areas of your life each and every day.



Find your passion



There are many people in the world who are passionate but unsuccessful. There are very few people however that are successful without passion. If what you do doesn’t put a fire in your belly every morning, you shouldn’t be doing it. Having passion will help you strive for success.



Josh Verne is an entrepreneur who founded, a marketplace that deducts purchases from payrolls. He sold that company to Global Analytics in 2014. In 2016, he founded, a peer-to-peer content exchange for students and is currently its CEO.

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