Rona Borre’s Role As A Top Finance And Technology Recruiter

Rona Borre has established herself as a top recruiter

Rona Borre is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Instant Alliance as well as its subsidiaries Instant Finance and Instant Technology, LLC. Borre founded her first recruiting company, Instant Technology, in 2001 out of the second bedroom in her condo. Rona Borre has established herself as a top recruiter in both the fields of technology and finance and has impressed with her ability to match the best talent in the market with the perfect fit at companies around the United States. Borre has a strong belief that great talent can be the main impetus to the success of a company over its competitors and gives every recruiting match her full effort and focus.

In a guest article for CNBC Borre said that one of the things that has really changed her methods of recruiting is Facebook. Facebook allows her to easily reach a broader audience including potential candidates and client companies. It has also allowed her to stay better connected and informed due to the social aspects of it. She can quickly see a candidate’s background and how it might be a good fit for a position that she is recruiting for.  Go and check on

Rona Borre lives in the Chicago area and has built Instant Alliance into one of the most recognized woman-owned companies in the country. Her insights into the world of recruiting have been featured in various media including the Wallstreet Journal, the Chicago Tribune, The Sun Times, and the Examiner as well as other appearances.   Watch

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