How Todd Lubar Rose to the Top of the Mortgage Industry

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur and business executive based in Bethesda, Maryland. Lubar studied at Sidwell Friends School from 1977 to 1987. It is located in Washington DC. He later joined the Peddie School in New Jersey. Lubar joined Syracuse University after high school. He pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication. He started his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation after graduating in 1995.

Todd Lubar worked at the company for four years until 1999 when he moved to the Legacy Financial Group. Lubar is credited for growing the company’s Maryland unit to loan sales of hundreds of millions of dollars each year. He stayed with the Legacy Financial Group until 2005 when he was hired as the senior vice president of Charter Funding. Charter Funding is a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Group. It is based in Arizona. The performance of the mortgage industry led him to return to the field when he joined Priority Financial Services. His role at the company was the acquisition of money mortgage origination.

Lubar was able to stay afloat through the other businesses that he owned during the economic depression of 2008. He managed a demolitions company, an entertainments company, and a recycling unit. These companies have been awarded large contracts around the country. They are doing well. Lubar has also been involved in real estate development. He has invested in various properties. Lubar has participated in more than five thousand real estate transactions throughout his career. His efforts in the mortgage industry were recognized when he was named one of the top mortgage originators in America.

Lubar then started Legendary Financial. It is a lending services company. He started the division to cater for people who did not qualify for lending from other traditional financial institutions such as banks. His vast experience in the industry has enabled him to develop the ability to offer services efficiently. Lubar financed the company with his funds and the liquidity of the assets of Legendary Properties when he started out.

Lubar can sit down with a client and come up with the best lending option for them. This depends on their needs. Legendary Financial has aided numerous clients to finance their houses and become homeowners. His company has dedicated itself to serving the people of Baltimore and Maryland to reach their goals. Lubar became the president of TDL Global Ventures in 2013. He holds the position to date. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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