Energy Saving Tips from Goettl Are Well-Grounded, considering the Massive Experience that the Firm has Accumulated over the Years

Utility bills during summer tend to rise due to increased use of cooling systems in reducing heat. Goettl, however, shares some tricks that can help in reducing the costs associated with summer while still maintaining comfortable temperatures efficiently.


Energy Saving Tips


Constant maintenance of the air conditioner ensures that it is effectively working at all times. It is advisable to raise the air condition unit at least two feet from any vegetation. Keeping the unit away from the sun ensures that it stays cool and uses less energy in cooling the air. The air filter should be replaced every three months, and any refrigerant lines checked regularly. Installing a ceiling fan is a wise decision. The fan is energy saving, and it has the capability of circulating cold air efficiently in any room. Previous studies have shown that proper reset of a thermostat works well in saving energy. Getting a thermostat that is programmable would be of great help since you can program it to show high temperatures when not at home. With the current advance in technology, thermostats that can sense when there are no people at home are available in the market. Engaging the services of the industry’s experts like Goettl to install a unit or offer maintenance services will go a long way to ensure that you live in a comfortable house.


About Goettl


Goettl is a distinguished HVAC service provider centered in Arizona. The firm has extensive know-how in the industry. It experience extends over a century of delivering outstanding residential and commercial HVAC services. Over several decades, Goettl has outperformed other companies in the industry. Currently, it owns over 100 patents.


Goettl has maintained a culture of excellent customer care throughout the years. The wide range of services offered by this HVAC powerhouse includes duct sealing, installation and repair of air conditioners, heat pump, and geothermal.