Brad Reifler’s Career As A Successful Investment Advisor

Brad Reifler is an experienced financial advisor who has been serving clients for more than 30 years in the city of New York. His career in the industry started in 1982 when he established Reifler Trading Corporation which was a pioneer in global derivatives. His success in this asset class led to the company being sold to Refco, Inc. in 2000. He earned his degrees in Political Science and Economics at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.

PR Newswire stated that one of Brad Reifler’s big success was Pali Capital which he founded in January 1995. Serving as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, he led the company to impressive growth. Under his leadership, the company was profiting more than $200 million a year. Brad Reifler also expanded the company into a global one with international offices located in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Latin America, and Austria.

Bloomberg revealed that it was in January 2009 that Brad Reifler established Forefront Capital Managment, LLC. At this company, Brad Reifler provides his consultancy and investment advice to asset managers and institutional investors around the world.

His deep experience in the industry and success has led to a lot of influential business leaders being attracted to his company. Among the people he works with are board member of Fortune 100 corporations as well as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

One of the subsidiaries of Forefront Capital Management is Forefront Income Trust. This trust was created by Brad Reifler as a fund that provides access to average investors to asset classes that typically can only be invested in by the richest 1% due to government regulations that were put into effect years ago in a different era.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler makes these investments available to non-accredited investors through a fund. He has set up this fund to make no money until an investor has earned 8%. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

One of the big advantages of this fund is that it is non-correlated to the stock market as well as bonds which provide investors with more diversity in their portfolios. He also donates 3% to veterans and military families whenever an investor directly invests in the fund.

The Distinguished And Consistent Career Of David Giertz

David Giertz is a professional in the financial services industry. He has been consistent in leveraging strategies and building profitable growth. His thirty years of experience have brought numerous innovations to his field.

Mr. David Giertz recently held the position of President for the distribution and sales program of Nationwide Financial. His incredibly strong operational results grew the company from $11 billion in profitable revenue to $17.8 billion. He has constantly exceeded the targets of P&L. He was the leader of the distribution and wholesale strategies for RIA’s, IMO’s, wirehouses, regional firms, dealers, independent brokers, mutual funds through banks, specialty markets, annuities, life insurance and retirement plans for the private sector.

Mr. Giertz had a world-class Gallup score when he worked as a Business Coach with WABC. His score increased from 4.41 to 4.63. This is a representation of the 87 percent percentile. He also certified over 100 leaders as Business Coaches on Twitter.

Mr. David Giertz was the leader of the Financial Institutions Bank channel in 2004 and expanded his channel to include the channel for wirehouse distribution. He grew the company’s revenue from $1.5 billion to $8 billion. In 1999, he went to work for Nationwide as the Vice President. He increased their revenue 48 percent.

Mr. Giertz worked for Citigroup for ten years before coming to Nationwide. He began his career as a financial advisor before he was promoted to the area director at Eventually he became the Executive Vice President in the sales division.

Mr. Giertz has been involved with numerous community organizations according to He was with Milikin University as the Chair of the Board of Trustees. He has also served on the boards for the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce and the Girl Scouts of Broward County. He earned his MBA while attending the University of Miami and received his BS from the Millikin University.