The Coveted Blend of Fashion and Technology

When you think of the future of technology, of course, something comes into your mind. However, apart from the imagined figures, the inventions that are already taking place are phenomenal. This is because today fashion and technology are being blended to produce quality results. One of the combinations is when dresses or other types of attire are made in a way that it can be changed or customized by the person wearing it. A good example is Anouk Wipprechtwho is an innovative fashion design who have made a self-painting dress. According to Wipprecht, there is a beauty in blending fashion and technology. This is because technology is a platform for limitless opportunities. Therefore, the emergence of varieties will give customers more opportunities to be unique and the sellers more chance to attract more customers.

Technology for Safety in Fashion

If you are riding a bike, you actually need to be secured to ensure you do not fall off and break your bones. With the blend of technology and fashion, experts can now make the Airbag for Cyclists. This will help a person to comfortably be assured of total safety because the airbag pops up when a person is falling down to avoid any injury. The successful fashion and technology of an airbag for cyclists have been invented by Anna Haupt and TereseAlstin. Technology has also been used by SegraSegra to in recycling bicycle tubes to come up with t-shirts and jackets.

A Trail of Achievements by Chris Burch

When you think of business success, there is need to mention Chris Burch in the story. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Burch Creative Capital. His entrepreneurial skills have seen him become a widely known investor. He has been in the industry for over 40 years. His years of working has made him develop an art of business revolution. Over the years, he has contributed widely to the emergence of multiple technologies.

Chris has also been passionate about luxury goods such as Voss Water and Faena Hotel. His passion for business began when he was still a student at the undergraduate level. While he was still a student in the Ithaca College, he started a company by the name Eagle Eye apparel. He started with an investment of $2,000 and later sold it when it was $165 million. In 2011, he started a company by the name C. Wonder. Today, he supports the development of different consumer and lifestyle products such as home furnishings and organic foods.