Startups Come Easy to Don Ressler

There are a few people who have helped to revolutionize the online retail industry. Don Ressler would definitely be considered one of these people. Don Ressler is one of the leaders of the startup industry. His continued success is extremely impressive when you take into account that the vast majority of new online businesses fail in a very short period of time. There are many reasons why this tends to happen. Most startups find it very difficult to get noticed amidst all of the other sites that are selling the same products or services. However, Don Ressler somehow manages to keep creating successful online businesses despite the odds being against him. It is definitely very unusual for a person to have repeated success in the competitive and unpredictable online business world. Don has seemingly figured out what so many other people in his industry have not.

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JustFab wants to be the next H&M

How does Don do it? This topic has been the subject of countless articles in dozens of tech publications ever since Don Ressler rose to prominence after the launch of Dermstore. This is a site that sells various products related to skincare. You can also buy cosmetics on this site. The site became profitable much faster than industry experts predicted. This led people to wonder about the exact strategies that Don was able to use to make this happen. Obviously, Don was not willing to be very forthcoming regarding the secret to his success. However, Don Ressler did stress the importance of assembling a talented team that will oversee the launch of the site and its operation once it is officially online. He said that any person launching a startup needs to make sure he or she hires people who know what they are doing. This is crucial to the success of the site.

JustFab is considered by many people in the tech world to be the greatest success of Don Ressler’s career to this point. The online clothing retailer was a smash hit that attracted millions of customers in many different countries. Don used his classic method of hiring people who were knowledgeable in the particular industry that the startup was going to focus on. This helped the site to hit the ground running and attract consumers much more quickly than new online retailers are typically able to do. Don believes that the reason most startups fail is due to laziness on the part of the people who are running them.

Fitness, Fun, Fabletics

Fabletics is a comfortable, stylish line of athletic wear that women can rock at the gym or just about anywhere else. The versatility of the Fabletics line is allowing women to wear their leggings anytime they want, anywhere they want. Don’t want to shimmy into that little black dress for a date? Go ahead, slip into your Fabletics leggings that make you look and feel incredible.

Women are extremely busy human beings. Many females drop kids off at school, go to work, hit the gym, and run errands all in the same day. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to change my clothes several times a day. Fabletics keeps you feeling great and confident as you take on your day.

Have I mentioned that Fabletics has crazy good prices? You can get an entire three piece outfit;sports bra, top, and leggings for $35.00. Say what?! You can’t go into a department store and buy just the leggings for that price on Pinterest. You can also become a Fabletics VIP member so that all of your orders come with free shipping. VIP members also get even steeper discounts on clothes, sometimes up to 50% off. You can’t get much better than that!

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Another really great part about Fabletics is that there are outfits and designs for everyone. Like to show a little bit of skin? Feel better when you are covered from head to toe? There are so many styles of Fabletics outfits that let anyone can feel comfortable and happy with the hundreds of options they have to choose from.

Not sure which kind of Fabletics style fits you? There is a quiz on the Fabletics website that allows you to make sure you choose the best style for you! Instead of basing your active wear choices on pictures of each style, you can allow the Fabletics team to assist you in finding the best style for YOU.

Everyone deserves to feel confident, happy, and stylish in their own skin. Fabletics creates clothes so that everyone can take on their day knowing that they are rocking affordable, stylish clothes that make them feel good.

Fabletics – Combining Online and Offline Channels to Become a Leading Global Brand

Co-founded by one of the most iconic celebrities, Kate Hudson, the Fabletics brand recently opened its new store at the South Park Mall. The “athleisure” brand is well-known among consumers as a provider of colorful and quirky sporty outfits for women.

Since 2013, Fabletics has mostly derived sales from online stores, which also includes the traditional catalog-style distribution of products to selected members who would pay a monthly subscription fee to access inventory. However, times have changed as the catalog distribution only seems as a strategic step in attracting a wider audience that would subsequently buy from the online store of Fabletics. In keeping with the promotional efforts, Fabletics has entered the era of physical storefront. According to various reputable sources, the current opening at the South Park Mall is just the tip of iceberg as rumors abound that the company is also eager to expand its physical presence across all corners of the United States.

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At a recent eTail West Conference in Palm Springs, the President of Sales, Gregg ThrogMartin confirmed rumors that Fabletics is bound to open new stores at several key locations around the country. According to Mr. ThrogMartin, the new physical stores will compliment sales of growing online channels, which is already expected to exceed $250 Million by the end of the year. Considering that Fabletics brand is only three years old, such sales figures are significant in the context of activewear that caters mostly to women. Still, there is every chance that Fabletics is also experimenting with menswear, apparel and accessories. In addition, potential launch of new swimwear designs are also on cards. The new developments in the company means that the management is actively looking to redefine its brand from women-only clothing to men and women activewear and swimming outfit.

It is notable that Kate Hudson features prominently as a brand ambassador of the brand. Her involvement in raising awareness among clients is evident from numerous photo-shoots on the front page of the website. Just months earlier, the brand moved on to the menswear category when Kate’s brother, Oliver Hudson, acted as the lead model for men’s brand transforming the company’s “women-only” image.

Gregg ThrogMartin, further revealed that the athleisure wear is on fire, which makes a strong case for Fabletics to expand into other segments. Perhaps, the current expansion of Fabletics is similar to Amazon and certain other retailers that also ventured into physical space after successful online business model. It seems that the strong backing and increasing revenues of the parent company, JustFab is enough to convince the co-founders that Fabletics can become one of the first athleisure and activewear clothing companies to successfully combine online and offline channels. For more recent news regarding Fabletics, visit

Fabletics Expands your Comfort

Everyone has that favorite pair of sweats or leggings that when they bought them they intended to start exercising more. Let’s face it, since you bought those sweats or leggings, they have become more of a comfortable casual wear to lounge around in at home or to make a quick trip to the grocery store.

With Fabletics, co-founded and run by Hollywood starlet Kate Hudson, the athleisure line of active wear is an excellent fit for both casual lounging, trips to the store, or performance activity. The line of clothing has a price point aimed to fit your budget as most outfits start at a range of $25.

Fabletics not only ensures an affordable price point on their athleisure line of active wear, but they can keep that price down because their business model sells direct to consumers. The goal of Fabletics is about getting people more active and becoming more healthy. Because of that goal, Fabletics has ventured out in different styles of athleisure wear to include swimwear and dresses.

When talking to Mehera Bonner of Marie Claire Magazine at, Ms. Hudson talked about the exciting new lines of active wear that came out in April from Fabletics. The aim of creating dresses and swimwear from the same amazing athleisure material will allow people to feel comfortable in normal activities when wearing those items, but allow them to be more active in them.

They are all made from the same great material and are designed with active women in mind. With the dresses and swimwear you can wear them and not sacrifice comfort for fashion. So if you are on the beach for some R&R and decide to engage in some yoga or pilates, Fabletics athleisure swimwear literally has you covered.

If you are getting ready to go out on a Friday night and you want to look great and feel comfortable, Fabletics dresses were designed with the same idea behind the leggings, to tuck everything in so it feels nice and snug. Some of the dresses have bras built into them so they double as a comfortable dress and a sort-of sports bra, leaving you looking spectacular.

When asked about the possibility of making athleisure high-end, Ms.Hudson discussed the Fabletics business model at Fabletics has looked at the possibility of making high end fashion into active wear from athleisure, however, their target demographic is based on the price point they have established. Creating high-end fashion would get too expensive.

Fabletics is slowly creating something for everyone for every situation. Whether going out on the town, to the gym, or the office, the line of athleisure active wear is making it possible for everyone to feel comfortable and to look great.