Master Recruiter- Yanni Hufnagel

Most college coaches will tell you that success in college basketball is about recruiting. If you want to win you have to find a way to get the best players. This work is not just the job of the head coach but the entire coaching staff. This is why Yanni Hufnagel is such an intriguing coach. Hufnagel has shown that he has the ability to get top notch players and develop them into solid players. It shouldn’t be long before he is a head coach somewhere.


Hufnagel’s career dates back to his days in New York where he was born. Hufnagel was cut from his high school basketball team and so after began working as a coach. His start in coaching began at Oklahoma University. Working as a graduate assistant he began showing his talents as a recruiter and player developer. One of the players he worked with was Blake Griffin. Griffin was a standout player in college and would go on to play in the NBA. Hufnagel is credited for helping to develop Griffin while he was a Sooner.


Yanni Hufnagel really began to gain attention for his talents at his next stop Harvard University. Working with head coach Tommy Amaker, Hufnagel had some great success as a recruiter. New York Knick guard Jeremy Lin played at Harvard and was a player that Hufnagel worked with extensively. Also during this time Hufnagel worked with college standout Wesley Saunders. Furthermore Harvard basketball had great success during this time period, making the NCAA tournament multiple times.


Hufnagel would continue to show his talents at other stops after Harvard. Perhaps most notable was his stop with the University of California. Hufnagel helped head coach Cuonzo Martin secure one of the nations top recruiting classes in 2015. The class had multiple five star recruits including future Boston Celtic Jaylen Brown.


Hufnagel has proven he can succeed in one of the most important areas of college basketball. His talents should land him his own head coaching job soon.

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