Paul Mampilly Guides the Main Street Americans using Profits Unlimited Newsletter

Profits Unlimited is a newsletter started by a former hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly. It is currently the fastest growing newsletter with a subscription of over 60,000 subscribers. Mampilly worked on Wall Street for international brands for over 20 years. In 2009, he defied the financial crisis by turning a $ 50 million investment to $ 88 million without shorting stocks. The profits made him the winner of a competition run by the Templeton Foundation. Last year, Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Publishing with the aim of starting Profits Unlimited newsletter. The newsletter sought to guide the main street Americans into making investment choices that would generate profits.

Through this platform, each of his subscribers gets monthly stock recommendations. The eight-page newsletter gets sent out to the customers through email. On a weekly basis, Mampilly updates his clients on one or two stocks in the stock model and tracks the progress on his website. Unlike the conventional methods where the financial advisor trades on behalf of the client, Mampilly clients buy the shares through their brokerage accounts. According to Alan L, one of the subscribers, the suggested stock has profited whereby out of 13 open positions 11 are profitable. Further, he says that it’s the most productive investment in the stock market that he has personally experienced.

Today, Paul Mampilly focuses mostly on the publishing of Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes newsletters. He is the senior editor and joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016.Additionally, he is a former hedge fund manager and investor. Before venturing into the publishing industry, Mampilly worked on Wall Street and served as managing director at Kinetics Asset Management LLC. For three years, he served as author, editor, and publisher at Capuchin Group.

Mampilly career began in 1991 at Deutsche Bank as a research assistant. He rose through the ranks to manage multi-million dollar accounts at Bankers Trust. Additionally, he has worked with the Swiss Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland among many others. Mampilly also traded in the stock market.

Let Your Voice Be Heard with Wessex Institute Press Journals

Whether you’re a novice or a veteran in the scientific community, Wessex Institute Press Journals deserve a treasured place in your professional library. With titles devoted to making the world more sustainable, secure, and scientifically-minded, Wessex Institute Press Journals are publications dedicated to evolving humanity.

Whether you wish to keep current or want to make waves in your respective field, Wessex Institute Press Journals provide a trusted forum for scholarly discourse. In addition to traditional, paid, in-print subscriptions, all articles on the Wessex Institute Press website are available to download free-of-charge. This promotes maximum collegial exchange and encourages inventive, fresh minds to emerge. Calls for papers are currently posted for several of the journals with concise and complete instruction for prospective authors.


Representative titles include, “Design & Nature and Ecodynamics,” “Safety and Security Engineering,” and, new for 2017, “Transport Development and Integration.” The “International Journal of Environmental Impacts,” is slated for release in 2018.Let your voice be heard. Join the international conversation found in Wessex Institute of technology Journals.

Mike Baur’s Impressive Banking Record And Effort Towards Growing Swiss Start-Up Factory

The Swiss Start-Up factory began offering accelerating services to its clients through its Zurich office in 2014. It specializes in ensuring that young technological companies which are seeking to expand meet their goals. It services customers in Switzerland who enjoy innovative and smart products that meet the world-class. Swiss Start-Up packages its program into a three-month session. Subscribers receive the best coaches, mentors, trainers, networking platforms and offices in Zurich. Mike Baur is a partner at the Swiss Start-Up Factory. Currently, he serves as an executive chairman and co-founder. He started the firm in collaboration with other entrepreneurs and has accumulated 20 years of experience banking in the Swiss industry. Mike Baur’s involvement in the group entails strategizing fundraising projects for the company and budgeting for its financial years.

Before setting up Swiss Start-Up Factory, Mike Baur worked as a banker at Sallfort. His company, Swiss Start-Ups, benefits by investing the companies enrolling in their accelerated program. In the summer of 2016, Mike evaluated a group of Fintech enterprises of the Factory and sponsored them as mentors. That same year, he hired Micheal Hartweg, a former financial professional, to mentor and evaluate the finances of Swiss Start-Up. Swiss Start-Up is working in collaboration with Fintech, a Geneva-based accelerator program. Micheal Hartweg specializes in coaching young Fintech entrepreneurs and founders.

Mike Baur has graduated from three tertiary institutions, University of Applied Sciences, University of Rochester and Universitat Bern. He considers himself a passionate entrepreneur and takes great pride in his work. Besides Swiss Start-Up, he owns Reloaded Org and ScanSource. In 2014, Mike Baur joined four other business people to establish Swiss Start-Up. He has contributed significantly to the current status of the firm, a number one Switzerland finance accelerator company. Mike Baur is the founder of Swiss Start-Up association since 2015 and assistant director of Swiss Start-Up Invest since 2016. He began his career as a commercial trainee at UBS and earned his spot among the best Swiss private bankers.

Mike shares his knowledge and inspiration in banking with students at universities, middle-class enterprises and at events. He attributes the success of his various firms to advice from colleagues and partners. Mike believes that there is a close resemblance to the personalities and makeups of a leading sports team and a Swiss Start-Up trainee group. Mike Baur spends his free time following sports, especially the Fribourgh Gotteron hockey team in his hometown.



Why Has James Dondero Given To The Family Place?

Giving the The Family Place is a community service James Dondero takes quite seriously, and the charitable arm of Highland Capital Management has offered a $1 million grant to the charity that may be matched by others. This story is a quick look at why The Family Place is important to Dallas, to James and families in the city.

#1: James Believes In Reaching Out

He has given money to charities often in the past, and his own company wishes to be as charitable as possible with its own money. They have given well in the city over the years, and Dallas is improving because there are quite a few charities that benefit from James Dondero and his business. Giving ensures the city is growing strong, and The Family Place keeps loved ones safe.

#2: How Does The Family Place Help?

The Family Place wants to build new facilities that will ensure the families they serve have a safe place to go. The city itself has millions of people who require proper services, and they will expand using their capital campaign money. The money produced by The Family Place and Highland Capital Management will be put to good use, and families in need will stream into new facilities in Dallas.

#3: What Has Highland Capital Management Done?

Highland Capital Management has built a large hedge fund in the middle of Dallas, and they have started a bank that works along with them on all their major transactions. The company employs thousands of people, and it provides a large tax base for the city that is used to help keep Dallas beautiful. There are quite a few people who wish to have a hand in helping the city of Dallas, and they may take James’ example.

The Highland Capital Management name is quite familiar to anyone who invests, and it stands for the best of the best in monetary management. The company has billions under management, and they keep profits aside to help charities in their area. The Family Place and their $1 million challenge grant is a fine example of such assistance.


Jason Halpern, Real Estate Developer

Jason Halpern is the Managing Partner and Principal of JMH Development, a leading real estate company that is and has been a developer or owner of major commercial and residential rental properties. He took control of the family business in 2010 as the third generation of the company with over 50 years of constructing and managing numerous New York properties including hundreds of residential apartments and several million square feet of Class A commercial space.


JMH has been a pioneer and innovator in creating distinctive, unique, and well-positioned luxury properties. For example, their renovations, as part of the $500 million invested in New York state projects, included 184 Kent in Brooklyn. Listed on the National Historic Register, it was the recipient of the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award in the category of adaptive reuse after a warehouse was turned into 340 luxury apartments.


JMH is recently developing The Townhouses of Cobble Hill, nine luxury townhouses in a landmark Brooklyn neighborhood. In Miami Beach, JMH is also developing condominium projects.


Halpern’s passion and niche is in building in historic districts, being sensitive to the historic aspects of the properties, and respecting the communities.


In 2004, JMH acquired the two-story Motel Ankara, opened in 1954, which sits on land abutting Lake Pancoast in Miami Beach. Sales were launched for 85 condo units; but only 36 sold. When the recession hit, JMH abandoned that project, returned deposits, and boarded up the motel. In 2011, JMH partnered with Mitchell Hochberg, and the Aloft South Beach Hotel opened in June 2015. It combined the historic expanded and restored motel with a new eight-story tower. On September 22, 2016, it sold for $105 million, and, under the Doubletree-by-Hilton brand, it has been renamed The Gates Hotel South Beach.


Halpern allots his personal resources and time to charitable endeavors such as the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center. He has enacted charitable initiatives through JMH Development including bringing safe and clean water to over 650 Nepalese and Ethiopian locals.


The Principal of Diversant John Goullet

Diversant is a recruiting firm that specializes in providing staffing services for companies. It specializes in helping its client companies look for and hire technology professionals. Over the course of two decades, Diversant has built a track record of getting the best technology talent for any company looking to fill positions in its information technology department. What has allowed Diversant to establish itself as a top technology staffing firm is its core values of diversity, teamwork and discipline. The firm understands that there are many companies that have certain needs when it comes to technology workers. Therefore, it always looks to provide clients with technology professionals who possess the ideal skills.

The firm is currently run by longtime technology consultant John Goullet. He has been in the technology industry for three decades and is therefore one of the more experienced individuals in the industry. With his experience and expertise, John is very aware of what companies need in order to fill positions for their technology departments. Goullet is also quite knowledgeable of what skills technology professionals need to have in order to get the best jobs available. With his understanding of the needs of both companies and technology professionals, John has set up the direction of his firm Diversant. He has looked to emphasize a philosophy of staff members and clients working together to reach certain goals. Goullet also emphasizes that the firm must work with a variety of companies and technology professionals in order to provide the most effective staffing services.

Before John Goullet got involved with running Diversant, he was in charge of his own staffing firm. In the mid 1990’s John Goullet saw a demand for companies looking to hire technology professionals. As a result, he founded a firm that would help companies find the technology professionals they needed. Prior to his staffing firm, John worked for a number of computing companies in the early stages of his career. When he worked at these companies, he would serve as a consultant. Goullet would manage technology resources and make recommendations on updates and the latest trends currently in the market. This allowed him to develop expertise on determining which technology solutions are ideal for various companies.

Mark Sparks Success Story

Mark Sparks is a one of the most popular serial entrepreneurs in the world. His success story has been used to inspire upcoming businessmen all over the world. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Marks Sparks attributes his enormous success to his positive attitude and faith in God, especially during the difficult times. His highest education qualification is just a high school diploma that he received in 1975.

He ventured in to the business world at a tender age of fifteen years but he managed to very well. He started several star-up businesses that have become successful.

Mark Sparks is a self-made businessman. He has mostly invested in real estate, telecommunications and capital investments. Being a popular successful businessman doesn’t mean that Sparks is a stranger when it comes to failures.

In his journey to success, the businessman has failed several times, and this has makes him a very humble person. He has purchased and sold many companies since he ventured in the business world.

In 2000, Mark Sparks started a company known as Timber Creek Capital. This is one of his powerful institutions that specialize in offering entrepreneurial assistance to consumers all over the world. The company also offers consumers capital, equipment, office space, legal and accounting advice, banking, sales, customer care knowledge and marketing. This company has done very well since it was started, helping many businessmen.

According to his Twitter profile, Mark Sparks is also the owner of GlobalTec Solutions, an institution that offers decision and analysis of products. He owns one of the biggest media marketing services companies in the globe, known as Splash Media.

The company has done very well in the telecommunication industry, specializing in programming services, video production, SEO and SEM. He has many other companies in different industries, including the food industry.

Due to his relentless enthusiasm and positive energy in business, Mark Sparks has managed to become one of the most respected individuals in the business world.

He is also very active in philanthropic activities. For very many years, the serial entrepreneur has donated his money and time to Samaritan Inn, a charitable organization that offers shelter to the homeless in Texas. He has also given donated to Habitat for Humanity for many years.

He has also established a special foundation to help the less privileged youth in his country. The foundation is known as Sparky’s Kids. Marks Sparks has proved that it is possible for an average C student to do well in the modern competitive market.

Chef Ponsaty’s Touch at Brian Bonar’s Bandy Canyon

When looking at the story Escondido hillsides, Chef Patrick Ponsaty can only think of home. Being a Toulouse native, he hopes to transform Bandy Canyon’s, The Ranch, into an event space oasis and dining destination. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

The 1880s adobe structure on the property, transformed into a cave hosting Ponsaty’s vintage Armagnac collection, and a menu with a lyrical cooking touch. The chef’s exquisiteness earned him the very prestigious Meilleurs Ouvrier de France, back in 2012. He is one of the two in S.D, and the 10th in the whole of California to earn such a distinction.

The fact that the Frenchman hasn’t reached the celebrity status can be owed to his temperament; because when you speak of talent, his is unquestionable. As The Ranch takes its form slowly, Bellamy already boasts of a master chef.

The current dining room, rather plain and dated, is being redesigned and will be upgraded in the near future. This does not, however, take a piece of the impeccable, approachable and inspired menu: bacon-wrapped monkfish, duck sauvage, cherry-spiked gateau Basque and tender caneles, local mushrooms served with sea scallops in a carpaccio with sole light truffle scent, magenta-hued beet sorbet from Suzie’s Farm, with watercress filament and a goat cheese disk, and the list goes on and on. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Funny enough, Ponsaty describes his cuisine style as simply, French!
Ponsaty’s understated cooking also characterized his time as El Bizcocho’s executive chef. He, in 2003, coached the upstart talent Gavin Kaysen to a third ranking globally in the National Trophy of Cuisine and Pastry held in Paris.

Kaysen went ahead to take his job the following year. Since then, the two have exhibited respectful rivalry, with their battles leading to Ponsaty quietly moving to other ventures like La Bastide, Mistral at Loews Coronado Bay Resort, Bernard’O, and MOF. If the case be that Bellamy’s and The Ranch is the point at which Ponsaty will at last stride into the limelight, then his period at El Bizcocho will get some good credit.
Brian Bonar owns Bandy Canyon.

He was a dedicated fan, and loyal to Ponsaty. Ponsaty says Brian Bonar has given him something he has craved for in all of his career, Freedom. Ponsaty is now a collaborator in virtually all aspects of Bellamy, and also the downtown Pizza venture.

Brian Bonar is a popular Scottish entrepreneur. He is the Trucept Incorporated leader with a very extensive business leadership background. Brian studied Technical Engineering at the James Watt Technical College where he obtained his bachelor’s degree.

Brian Bonar later perused his master’s degree at Stafford University for Mechanical Engineering. Brian Bonar has worked as a procurement manager at IBM, and later became the Engineering Director for QMS.

He worked with several other companies enabling him to gain much experience and expertise in business. He specializes in acquisitions and mergers, employing a creative and personable life approach. He even earned Who’s Who back in the year 2000.

Read more:

Imaging Technologies CEO Brian Bonar Interviewed on
The New Frontier

James Dondero and Highland Capital Management Agree to Buy Argentinian Bonds

Argentina is planning to raise approximately $12 billion to invest in international bonds. With this new investment, Highland Capital Management is looking to participate and invest its capital in Argentina. The financial management firm currently manages up to $19 billion in assets such as emerging market and hedge funds. Highland Capital Management is looking to purchase a considerable amount of the securities that Argentina is looking to purchase according to the president and co founder of Highland Capital James Dondero. Prior to making this investment, Highland Capital Management has been the largest holder of the $4 billion of notes that Argentina has issued and which is due in the year 2033.

The decision to invest in Argentina’s debt bonds has proven to be a promising sign for the country which is trying to sell a lot of its debt in order to make payment settlements to creditors. This also indicates that a number of the distressed debt investors who have invested money in Argentina in recent years will look to keep their holdings in the coming years once Argentina gets out of its default. While Highland Capital is looking to keep the original bonds it has invested in, it also looks to buy some of the newest bonds that have been issued as well. Highland Capital Management is very optimistic about where Argentina plans to price its debt and how it will be traded.

Highland Capital Management is currently run by president and co founder James Dondero. He has been involved in the financial services field for over three decades and has a very successful career. Dondero has built a firm that specializes in asset management pertaining to hedge funds and emerging market securities. A vast majority of these funds are in the form of credit. With this management of assets, Dondero is able to serve clients from all over the world and help them achieve their objectives. Many of the clients that James and his firm serve are investors who are looking to put large sums of money in securities such as bonds as well.

Before Dondero founded Highland Capital Management, he was a credit investor and a trainee. During this time he acquired the experience and knowledge to advance his career as well as one day start up his own firm. After his entry level position he would become a chief investment officer where he would manage up to $1 billion in assets for companies such as American Express.


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Who Is Eric Pulier?

Eric Pulier is businessman, as well as an author and a philanthropist. He’s based out of LA, California. Below is more information about Mr. Pulier.

Pulier’s Education And Early Life
While in the fourth grade, Eric Pulier became interested in programming computers, and while in high school he started a database computer company. The businessman, who grew up in Teaneck, NJ, was educated at Harvard University in 1984. His major was English and American literature, and he was also an editor for The Harvard Crimson.

Pulier’s Career
In 1991, Pulier relocated to Los Angeles, which is where he launched a company called People Doing Things. The company addressed various issues via the use of technology. Digital Evolution is another company that Pulier founded in 1994. He also played a major role in building a private social network website for kids who are chronically ill.

Other ventures that Pulier has founded include Media Platform, Desktone and Akana. Not only has he founded numerous companies, but he took part in authoring Understanding Enterprise SOA, which is a book about SOA, short for service-oriented architecture.

Pulier is also well-known for his philanthropy work. In fact, he has donated to various non-profit organizations and he currently sits on the X-Prize’s innovation board.

Pulier has enjoyed a highly successful career and he is an experienced businessman who has a big heart, which is evident by his philanthropy work. If anyone ever has an opportunity to do business with Pulier, then they should because of the success he has achieved in the business world.

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