Eric Pulier’s vAtomic Ventures Is Now In Business

Eric Pulier has probably been best known for his work with enterprise service-oriented software and working in the Clinton Global Initiative and with former Vice President Al Gore. But he’s now turning a new leaf and entering into disruptive mobile technologies as well as researching blockchain technology. He’s started investing in mobile technology startups and his latest seed venture is vAtomic Systems. According to what Pulier told Ideamensch, vAtomic Systems is taking gaming technology and exploring how gaming technologies can effect great change in the real world economy.


Pulier is the founder of several tech companies including Digital Evolution, Media Platform, Akana and ServiceMesh. He began as a young programmer in elementary school and studied computer science on the side while attending Harvard. Pulier has a bachelor of arts in American and English literature and contributed columns to the Harvard Crimson newsletter. He began with Digital Evolution after moving to Los Angeles and from there he started pioneering in interactive business software and eventually enterprise platforms. His largest cloud computing platform ServiceMesh was purchased by the Computer Sciences Corporation in 2011, and he also founded the Cloud Enterprise Leadership Council of TM Forum during that time. Pulier also made VAR Business’s Top 30 eVisionaries list.


Pulier has worked with government agencies and non-profits including the National Science Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative. In 1997 then President Bill Clinton’s staff chose Pulier to run the Presidential Technology Exhibition. Included in this exhibition was his Bridge to the 21st Century display which had several future consumer goods in the display tents and had a live internet feed being transmitted from the space shuttle.


In 1998 Eric Pulier teamed up with healthcare providers and several live video and virtual reality developers to launch Starbright World. This event had 3D games and simulations for patients in children’s hospitals and also had platforms enabling them to communicate through video. Today Pulier is a consultant for the XPrize competition committee which encourages young robotics and computer engineers to build programs to solve scientific challenges. He also helps run the Painted Turtle camp in California.


Mike Baur’s Impressive Banking Record And Effort Towards Growing Swiss Start-Up Factory

The Swiss Start-Up factory began offering accelerating services to its clients through its Zurich office in 2014. It specializes in ensuring that young technological companies which are seeking to expand meet their goals. It services customers in Switzerland who enjoy innovative and smart products that meet the world-class. Swiss Start-Up packages its program into a three-month session. Subscribers receive the best coaches, mentors, trainers, networking platforms and offices in Zurich. Mike Baur is a partner at the Swiss Start-Up Factory. Currently, he serves as an executive chairman and co-founder. He started the firm in collaboration with other entrepreneurs and has accumulated 20 years of experience banking in the Swiss industry. Mike Baur’s involvement in the group entails strategizing fundraising projects for the company and budgeting for its financial years.

Before setting up Swiss Start-Up Factory, Mike Baur worked as a banker at Sallfort. His company, Swiss Start-Ups, benefits by investing the companies enrolling in their accelerated program. In the summer of 2016, Mike evaluated a group of Fintech enterprises of the Factory and sponsored them as mentors. That same year, he hired Micheal Hartweg, a former financial professional, to mentor and evaluate the finances of Swiss Start-Up. Swiss Start-Up is working in collaboration with Fintech, a Geneva-based accelerator program. Micheal Hartweg specializes in coaching young Fintech entrepreneurs and founders.

Mike Baur has graduated from three tertiary institutions, University of Applied Sciences, University of Rochester and Universitat Bern. He considers himself a passionate entrepreneur and takes great pride in his work. Besides Swiss Start-Up, he owns Reloaded Org and ScanSource. In 2014, Mike Baur joined four other business people to establish Swiss Start-Up. He has contributed significantly to the current status of the firm, a number one Switzerland finance accelerator company. Mike Baur is the founder of Swiss Start-Up association since 2015 and assistant director of Swiss Start-Up Invest since 2016. He began his career as a commercial trainee at UBS and earned his spot among the best Swiss private bankers.

Mike shares his knowledge and inspiration in banking with students at universities, middle-class enterprises and at events. He attributes the success of his various firms to advice from colleagues and partners. Mike believes that there is a close resemblance to the personalities and makeups of a leading sports team and a Swiss Start-Up trainee group. Mike Baur spends his free time following sports, especially the Fribourgh Gotteron hockey team in his hometown.



George Soros: A self-Made Billionaire

George Soros broke the Bank of England? Yes, but not against the law. Before 1992, Soros had been building positions in Pounds. He had earlier recognized the critical position of United Kingdom at the European Exchange Mechanism on Investopedia. On the September 16th, 1992- the day known as the Black Wednesday, the UK government withdrew from the ERM which profited George Soros. His profits were $ 1 billion at that time.

Today, George Soros is worth $25 billion. In 2016, he was ranked 19 on the Forbes 400 list and 23rd billionaire in the world. He has participated in different philanthropic and political contributions. It is, however, his political contributions that have attracted the attention of the population.

He has been considered one of the most powerful men in America that is probably why his opinions about the politics in the United States do not go unnoticed. He has been an outspoken supporter of the Democrats on In the last year’s election, he was supporting Hilary Clinton in the presidential campaign. He did donate a large sum of money towards the campaign. He did want to see Hilary win, but more importantly, he wanted to defeat Donald Trump. George Soros has accused Donald Trump of being in support of ISIS. He has also supported other political ventures in the United States and beyond.

He has also donated money to various charities. His total contributions amount to $12,100 million in his lifetime with an annual giving of $654 million

George Soros is a vocal supporter of the refugees, and that is why his foundation contributed $500 million in support of the companies that support refugees and also immigrants. His support for the refugees is personal considering that he was an immigrant once when he fled the Hungary to England. Soros was born in Budapest Hungary, and at that time the country was under the Nazi regime. Being from a Jew family, Soros and his family were always under threat.

In 1947, George Soros immigrated to England to pursue his studies. He joined the London School of Economics where he did his Bachelor degree in Philosophy. He went ahead to do his Masters of Philosophy where he graduated in 1954.

His career has not always been a bed of roses. When he graduated from school, he found it hard to secure a job, and that is when he settled for a job of a salesman on He, however, continued to seek a better job by writing letters to all the Merchant Banks. Most of the letters went unanswered, but in 1954 he caught his big break. He got employment at the Singer and Friedlander. He later moved to New York in 1956 to work for F.M. Mayer as an arbitrage trader.

The early life and rise of George Soros as a Financial Expert

Though born in Hungary, he emigrated to England and later moved to the United States and is based in New York. He has dual citizenship for the United States and Hungary. He is famously known for two things, the Soros Fund Management, and the Open Society Foundations. George Soros started the Soros Fund Management because of the experience he had in setting up and running hedge funds. The reason for founding the Open Society Foundation was because of the influence Karl Popper, a philosopher he met when he was attending his undergraduate and graduate studies at the London School of Economics.

George Soros was born and raised in Hungary till 1947 when his family moved to England. His parents, Tividar and Erzebat Schwartz, named him Gyorgy Swartz, but he later changed to George Soros when he moved to England. Growing as a child in Hungary was not one of his easiest moments in life. During that time, there was a war going on in the country. In fact, his father, who was also a lawyer by profession on, was a prisoner of war in Russia. However, he escaped and returned home to join his family. At the age of 13, he was separated from his mother and two brothers because his father feared that they may be killed together.

When he moved to England in 1947, he joined the London School of Economics at He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in philosophy in 1951. He immediately registered for a master’s degree and finished in 1954. While studying, he worked as a railway porter and waiter. While at the London School of Economics, he met Karl Popper, who became his “spiritual mentor.” It is the concepts that Karl Popper advocated that influenced the philanthropic activities of Soros such as the Open Society Foundations on Politico.

Immediately after finishing his studies he had a tough time finding a good job and settled to work as a travelling salesman, an experience he described as one of the lowest moment in his life. However, he managed to get a job at Singer and Friedlander, where he started working as a clerk and then an arbitrage trader. George Soros specialized in buying stocks in one country and selling them in another country. After a suggestion from Robert Mayer, a fellow employee and whose father owned F.M. Mayer, he applied for a job at F.M. Mayer. He got the job and moved to New York in 1956. While working for F.M. Mayer, he became a specialist in European stocks, which caught the attention of many institutional investors in the United States. This earned him a job at Wertheim & Co where he worked from 1959 to 1963 before moving to Arnhold and S Bleichroeder. He held the post of vice president at the firm and quit in 1973 because of conflict of interest with a hedge company, the Soros Fund Management on, that he established in 1970. The Soros Fund Management is his greatest achievement that has enabled him to many other things such as founding the Open Society Foundations, which is a philanthropic organization.