The Great Success of Success Academy

Success Academy Charter School is located within the greater New York City Area. There are different locations inside of the city and they can be found in just about every part of town including Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn. Many of the students that attend this school are from low-income households. Minority students make up the majority of Success Academy’s population. There are close to 22,000 children enrolled within this charter school network that has 34 buildings.


Success Academy has a mission to create exceptional, first-rate public schools that will help students from all backgrounds to succeed. This success is for college and in life. Success Academy also advocates across America to change public policies that stop children from having access to opportunity.


This education institution has been fulfilling their mandate since 2006. A former New York City council member named Eva Moskowitz founded the school as a means to give disenfranchised children a chance to make it in life.


Success Academy has enjoyed much success since the school first opened its doors in Harlem. Success elevates a child’s education and expands it. They focus on content which is another way of saying they take the normal literacy that children learn and make it more complex. This does not mean that they make it harder for students to understand the material. It is exactly the opposite. The students are given a more intricate way to read, do math and learn about history.


For example, instead of reading about history from a textbook; students are taken out of the classroom to museums and exhibits to experience history. They are also given opportunities to understand required subjects from projects, lectures and interactive activities. So, the knowledge that students receive at Success Academy is not just limited to traditional learning processes. It is extremely dynamic.


Success Academy also uses advance technology to instruct students. Each child is outfitted with an iPad which is loaded with all of their books and materials. The iPads have multiple books that students at different grad levels must read and understand to help them pass their grade level. The school’s culture is geared toward helping students to succeed at all cost. This is one reason why Success Academy is now being recognized as a world-class charter school.

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