Seatle Genetics is an organization that has been at the forefront regarding research on cancer. The group which is led by a biotechnologist Clay Siegall has been able to develop innovative and advanced cancer therapies.


However, the company has been able to succeed because of the good work of the Chief Executive Officer Clay Siegall. He has a lot of experience regarding the field of research and also has excellent leadership skills which have worked towards carrying out extensive research.


Clay Siegall is a scientist and researcher who has dedicated his time and funds towards looking for ways to help cancer patients. He studied biomedical studies and developed an interest in carrying out research on cancer.


Afterward, he has remained active and focused on the management and analysis of cancer. Clay Siegall’s efforts for the company were felt in 2002 at the time when the institution was not that great.Since he is a good leader, he worked and hard, and his impact was felt in many areas of the health sector.


He has led the company to advance in many ways. Regarding education, he attended the University of George Washington and managed to earn a Ph.D. in genetics. It is through good education that he has been able to accomplish a lot of things in his career.


He started working at Bristol-Myers where he held a senior position as a researcher. While at the firm, he worked hard and there were excellent results. His hard work made him be promoted as the head of the organization where he served as a principal scientist.


Clay Siegall is an expert who has proved to have good skills regarding the development and implementation of essential techniques concerning carrying out research on cancer. He is someone who always has a desire to help cancer patients to recover and continue living their normal lives.


Seatle Genetics is the leading company which has specialized in helping cancer patients. It is through Dr. Clay Seagal that Seatle Genetics has managed to develop a drug which was approved by FDA in 2011.It is a significant achievement for the company which continues to excel in its endeavors.

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