How Securus Technologies Helped Clean up Corruption in a Jail

Our jail has a serious problem with drugs and weapons getting into the hands of the inmates. I work on the front-line to help combat the issue by working with my staff to personally inspect each visitor that comes into the jail. Usually, the scanner picks up things that we miss, but yet the problem seemed to be getting worse. We have heard inmates talking about how easy it is to get drugs in jail, easier than when they were out on the streets looking for a fix.


The reason we spend so much of our day trying to combat drug problems is that these inmates that get high put everyone in danger. An inmate on heroin could hurt themselves, their cell mate, visitors, and corrections officers. We have seen first-hand how an inmate that used to take 3 officers to contain now needs half a dozen. This simply is not acceptable, so we have increased cell inspections to try and stop the flow of drugs.


One of the other resources we utilize is monitoring inmate calls. In the past this was a very challenging and tedious job because the inmates would just speak in code to throw us off the trail. When we reached out to Securus Technologies about updating our system, we felt we were on to something really big here. CEO Rick Smith of Securus Technologies says, their motto is to serve and make this world safer for all, and we were about to put their system to the test. based out of Dallas TX, we now had 1,000 employees at Securus Technologies ready to help us take things to the next level.


No sooner did we have the new inmate communication system installed and we were trained on the LBS software, we began to pick up on some chatter than was extremely disturbing. The inmates spoke about an officer that was on the front lines and allowing inmates to get drugs from visitors for a price. Needless to say, he was fired, arrested, and now our jail is much safer thanks to Securus.


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