Quality Makeup From Lime Crime

When I made my first purchase of fingernail polish from Lime Crime, I knew that the company would be one that I would use for most of my makeup needs. The products that are sold are vegan free and aren’t tested on animals. The company is caring when it comes to customer service, and there are several unique colors that I haven’t seen with other companies.


The Velvetines are perhaps my favorite product. They are like lip gloss, but they have a matte finish. Staying on the lips longer and giving my lips a velvety appearance, I enjoy this product because I don’t have to worry about applying it over and over during the day. One of the shades that I like wearing is called Wicked. It’s a burgundy color that blends well with most of the clothes in my closet. It looks almost like a brick color on my lips, an older brick that has been sitting for some time. However, it’s a shade that I love.


Another item that I like is the Venus eyeshadow palette. This is a small box from Lime Crime that has several eyeshadow colors, such as pink, red, blue and green. There are a few different boxes to choose from. One has more pinks and reds while the other has more of the blues, greens and natural colors. I found a bundle of two of the boxes that I plan on ordering in the future.


One of the things that I like about the company is that it tends to put several items together instead of keeping everything separate. I would much rather spend a little more money on a bundle compared to spending more money on individual items. The Diamond Crushers are a new product that is to die for as you can use the glitter on almost every area of the body.

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