Susan McGalla, Corporate Consultant

Susan McGalla is a successful business woman in the corporate domain who made it on her own terms combined with perseverance, stamina, self-confidence, strong desire and a true belief in herself that she was capable of fulfilling her dream despite barriers and setbacks that she encountered along the way, which she conquered.

Even though the corporate world is still somewhat dominated by men,this trend is slowly changing due to government and non-governmental entities that are officially eliminating these barriers because of gender preference.

Women play an immense and profound role in the business realm because of their mixture of personality that helps them to initiate numerous tasks on, they possess natural abilities such as keen insight and intuition that are relevant and crucial benefiting elements in the managerial positions that they hold.

Women are fantastic and intense role models for so many other adept,qualified and intelligent women that are still sitting on the sidelines waiting for a change to occur in their lives,watching time and opportunity pass them by.

Susan McGalla convinced herself that she had the fortitude and stamina to pursue her vision realizing that no one could accomplish it for her, because only she had the key to open the door to step inside and climb the ladder,one rung at a time.

She is aware of what it takes as you strive towards your endeavor,hard work, diversity,versatility, patience,confidence relentless determination,self persuasion and optimism which are admirable and necessary attributes to achieve those seemingly distant unreachable goals.

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She has navigated her course precisely and is sustaining her position steadfastly and proudly.

It is up to each individual woman to discover her character traits,initiative and strong embedded virtues that will advance her from the common to the exclusive.

Susan McGalla is the creator of P3 Executive Consulting LLC,located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,in addition to holding the position of Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Her qualifications of expertise are in the aspects of retail and clothing which have appealed to prominent personalities in the business enterprise realm that requires perception pertaining to marketing,talent direction,commodity commercialism and branding. Susan McGalla was also a private consultant for commercial enterprise investments, and since 2011 she has ventured on her own to become a personal consulting professional.

Susan McGalla stands out as an integral example to all women who desire to improve their lives, become independent and financially secure. Do not give up on your illusive dream,just push aside hindrance and defeat,continue the journey.

How The Kabbalah Centre Is Making Kabbalah Understandable To Ordinary People

Kabbalah is an ancient school of thought, or philosophy, that was on the scene before religion, as we know it today. Legends surround the Kabbalah’s origin, however, most scholars agree that the teachings were given to Adam, who then passed the knowledge of the divine down. Today, Kabbalah is considered a key to unlocking the secrets contained in the Torah, and thus gaining an esoteric knowledge of God and the universe. Studying the Kabbalah was limited to a few chosen, typically married Jewish men who had already been studying the Torah for many years.

Today, theĀ makes it easy for anyone, including men and women and Jews and non-Jews, to find spiritual meaning in their lives by studying Kabbalah. They are quick to point out that studying Kabbalah is not a “Jewish study,” but courses which includes principles that all monotheistic religions have in common. The Kabbalah Centre makes Kabbalah understandable, even to people who have never studied the Torah, and the classes that they offer teach people how to use the lessons to improve their lives. Advanced scholars have access to rare manuscripts and original Kabbalistic texts in the Centre’s museum, which also posts the texts online for people who view studying the Kabbalah as an academic discipline.

Founded by Rabbi Philip Berg in 1969, the Kabbalah Centre is headquartered in Los Angeles, with branches in major cities throughout the world and classes online. While celebrity adherents, sporting their red thread, make the news, the Kabbalah Centre’s have waiting lists for classes because normal, everyday people are flocking to the Centres seeking spiritual meaning in their lives.