Keith Mann: An Entrepreneur Who is Looking to Inspire a Culture of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are what is needed in this world. They not only support themselves, but they also create jobs for others. This makes it easier for people to support themselves. Keith Mann himself is an entrepreneur that is doing everything he can to bring about more entrepreneurs. For this reason, he is looking to provide scholarships to high school students that are showing a lot of skills and professional work ethic while in high school. This scholarship is called the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship of Professional Achievement. This is awarded to one student each year. The student has to write and submit a 1000 word essay that explains how graduating from college is going to help him with his business goals.

Keith is also involved with the funding of schools. He is partnered with Uncommon Schools in order to raise funds for schools in New York so that they can provide adequate education to their students. Keith also wants schools to teach students practical skills that could be applied in their daily lives. Students can learn subjects and understand why it is important to learn these subjects so that they will know how to apply it in their lives after high school.

Keith Mann’s philanthropy comes from the desire to help children reach their goals and create a better future for themselves, and any children they may have. Keith is also willing to work with students in order to help them come up with goals they can reach in order to move on to better circumstances.

Keith Mann is the founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, which is a firm that deals with investments in various markets which includes the hedge fund industry as well as other industries of investments. Making investments is one of the simpler ways of making a lot of money. It is also a good way to reach financial independence if one knows how to manage his finances.

We will not Tolerate Integrity Breach: Securus Tells GTL

Securus threatened to expose GTL integrity breaches bit by bit. This came to materialize on June 6, 2016 when Securus made their first press release about various wrongdoings at GTL. They did this with the aim of preventing a fall in the industry that was bound to happen if GTL continued to ruin the industry’s reputation with their continuous integrity breaches.

The press release from Securus aimed at highlighting the current wrongdoings that were being continued by GTL. Securus finds it unfair that a company should exist solely to make money, without a care in the world whether their customers are satisfied by their services or not.

Securus shows true concern for customers who rely heavily on their industry in order to keep connected with their families and friends who are behind bars. First, they highlighted how GTL had been double charging transaction and illicitly taking advantage of the unsuspecting clients.

In the press release, Securus also highlighted how GTL made their customers pay for more than the service value. This was by adding second on calls made to or from the inmates. In other cases, the company was seen to deliberately overcharge the customers.

Securus felt that if nothing was done, the whole industry would go down. They therefore brought their concerns forward, hoping that GTL would stop their shameless acts and render the industry decent as it once was.

About Securus

Securus is one of the leading companies in America, providing technology solutions to prisons and other correctional facilities. The company was founded in the year 1986 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas but have multiple offices located in North America. The company serves over 1, 200, 000 inmates across 48 states in America.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Fabletics – Combining Online and Offline Channels to Become a Leading Global Brand

Co-founded by one of the most iconic celebrities, Kate Hudson, the Fabletics brand recently opened its new store at the South Park Mall. The “athleisure” brand is well-known among consumers as a provider of colorful and quirky sporty outfits for women.

Since 2013, Fabletics has mostly derived sales from online stores, which also includes the traditional catalog-style distribution of products to selected members who would pay a monthly subscription fee to access inventory. However, times have changed as the catalog distribution only seems as a strategic step in attracting a wider audience that would subsequently buy from the online store of Fabletics. In keeping with the promotional efforts, Fabletics has entered the era of physical storefront. According to various reputable sources, the current opening at the South Park Mall is just the tip of iceberg as rumors abound that the company is also eager to expand its physical presence across all corners of the United States.

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At a recent eTail West Conference in Palm Springs, the President of Sales, Gregg ThrogMartin confirmed rumors that Fabletics is bound to open new stores at several key locations around the country. According to Mr. ThrogMartin, the new physical stores will compliment sales of growing online channels, which is already expected to exceed $250 Million by the end of the year. Considering that Fabletics brand is only three years old, such sales figures are significant in the context of activewear that caters mostly to women. Still, there is every chance that Fabletics is also experimenting with menswear, apparel and accessories. In addition, potential launch of new swimwear designs are also on cards. The new developments in the company means that the management is actively looking to redefine its brand from women-only clothing to men and women activewear and swimming outfit.

It is notable that Kate Hudson features prominently as a brand ambassador of the brand. Her involvement in raising awareness among clients is evident from numerous photo-shoots on the front page of the website. Just months earlier, the brand moved on to the menswear category when Kate’s brother, Oliver Hudson, acted as the lead model for men’s brand transforming the company’s “women-only” image.

Gregg ThrogMartin, further revealed that the athleisure wear is on fire, which makes a strong case for Fabletics to expand into other segments. Perhaps, the current expansion of Fabletics is similar to Amazon and certain other retailers that also ventured into physical space after successful online business model. It seems that the strong backing and increasing revenues of the parent company, JustFab is enough to convince the co-founders that Fabletics can become one of the first athleisure and activewear clothing companies to successfully combine online and offline channels. For more recent news regarding Fabletics, visit

The Search Fixers Are Able to Fix My Online Reputation


Your online reputation matters, no matter what management medium one is looking at. A good example of this can be found with some recent trouble faced by United Airlines. Some negative press ended up costing the company around $180 million. Saying that this would be enough to destroy many other companies would be an understatement. And all of this happened because a musician had issues with how his guitar was treated by an employee within the company, and because of his experiences trying to get compensation. In reality it was probably only a handful of employees who were responsible for the treatment. But when he wrote a song about it the entire company suffered. At the same time, satisfied customers tend to spend more than twice what they normally would. Its clear that reputation matters when it comes to a companies total profit.

Reputation matters within all mediums. But online reputation carries a weight that eclipses almost everything out. Part of this is the ubiquitous reach of the internet. It’s easy to miss negative impressions from a single song. But online discussion is available to anyone who’s looking for it. And it has a way of lingering unless something is done about it. And of course the financial impact is just as real within the digital realm as it is the physical. A recent study by Harvard, for example, showed that a one star increase on the average yelp review would translate to about 9% more profit for the company.

This might seem like a purely academic subject at first. After all, it usually seems impossible to actually fix negative search results. But some companies have proven themselves able to do so. For example, The Search Fixers have shown themselves able to do exactly that. They can fix the results of a general search for one’s company. And this is within the realm of many different services.

The exact nature of what The Search Fixers reputation management consultants can offer will depend on the specific situation. And this is where one of their biggest strengths can be found. They’re heavily client oriented. They’re not offering a one size fits all solution to their customers. Instead, they know that internet reputation repair is something which needs to be tailored to an individual company or individual. As such they always strive to create the perfect reputation management solution for any given situation. And in doing so they can dramatically increase the business flow to a company.

Chef Ponsaty’s Touch at Brian Bonar’s Bandy Canyon

When looking at the story Escondido hillsides, Chef Patrick Ponsaty can only think of home. Being a Toulouse native, he hopes to transform Bandy Canyon’s, The Ranch, into an event space oasis and dining destination. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

The 1880s adobe structure on the property, transformed into a cave hosting Ponsaty’s vintage Armagnac collection, and a menu with a lyrical cooking touch. The chef’s exquisiteness earned him the very prestigious Meilleurs Ouvrier de France, back in 2012. He is one of the two in S.D, and the 10th in the whole of California to earn such a distinction.

The fact that the Frenchman hasn’t reached the celebrity status can be owed to his temperament; because when you speak of talent, his is unquestionable. As The Ranch takes its form slowly, Bellamy already boasts of a master chef.

The current dining room, rather plain and dated, is being redesigned and will be upgraded in the near future. This does not, however, take a piece of the impeccable, approachable and inspired menu: bacon-wrapped monkfish, duck sauvage, cherry-spiked gateau Basque and tender caneles, local mushrooms served with sea scallops in a carpaccio with sole light truffle scent, magenta-hued beet sorbet from Suzie’s Farm, with watercress filament and a goat cheese disk, and the list goes on and on. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Funny enough, Ponsaty describes his cuisine style as simply, French!
Ponsaty’s understated cooking also characterized his time as El Bizcocho’s executive chef. He, in 2003, coached the upstart talent Gavin Kaysen to a third ranking globally in the National Trophy of Cuisine and Pastry held in Paris.

Kaysen went ahead to take his job the following year. Since then, the two have exhibited respectful rivalry, with their battles leading to Ponsaty quietly moving to other ventures like La Bastide, Mistral at Loews Coronado Bay Resort, Bernard’O, and MOF. If the case be that Bellamy’s and The Ranch is the point at which Ponsaty will at last stride into the limelight, then his period at El Bizcocho will get some good credit.
Brian Bonar owns Bandy Canyon.

He was a dedicated fan, and loyal to Ponsaty. Ponsaty says Brian Bonar has given him something he has craved for in all of his career, Freedom. Ponsaty is now a collaborator in virtually all aspects of Bellamy, and also the downtown Pizza venture.

Brian Bonar is a popular Scottish entrepreneur. He is the Trucept Incorporated leader with a very extensive business leadership background. Brian studied Technical Engineering at the James Watt Technical College where he obtained his bachelor’s degree.

Brian Bonar later perused his master’s degree at Stafford University for Mechanical Engineering. Brian Bonar has worked as a procurement manager at IBM, and later became the Engineering Director for QMS.

He worked with several other companies enabling him to gain much experience and expertise in business. He specializes in acquisitions and mergers, employing a creative and personable life approach. He even earned Who’s Who back in the year 2000.

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