Avi Weisfogel for Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist operating his practice, Old Bridge Dental Care, in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Avi Weisfogel earned a BA in biology and psychology from Rutgers University and a DDS from New York University College of Dentistry. Old Bridge Dental Care was established in 1999, it is here that Dr. Weisfogel has specialized in cosmetic dentistry and provided dental solutions for his patients for more than 16 years. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is known to mostly handle complex dental cases through referrals to him from other dentists. About half of his patients are said to come from referrals.

At home Avi Weisfogel is a proud father of six children who have probably played a role in inspiring him to support an organization called Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an organization that he believes contributes greatly to his hopes of giving children access to the best healthcare that they deserve.

Operation Smile is an international charity that has so far worked in over 80 countries helping children with cleft lip and cleft palate to “restore their smiles” through free surgery. The organization reports having completed “hundreds of thousands of free surgeries” since 1982.

During the medical missions, Operation smile works in conjunction with, and trains local doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers. Training and working with local providers is effective at making sure that care is provided in line with local cultures and also ensures that care continues to be provided even after the mission is over.

In March 2016 Avi Weisfogel announced the launch of a Gofundme page for the benefit of Operation Smile. His target is for the campaign to raise $2000 to be donated to Operation Smile.

Fabletics Expands your Comfort

Everyone has that favorite pair of sweats or leggings that when they bought them they intended to start exercising more. Let’s face it, since you bought those sweats or leggings, they have become more of a comfortable casual wear to lounge around in at home or to make a quick trip to the grocery store.

With Fabletics, co-founded and run by Hollywood starlet Kate Hudson, the athleisure line of active wear is an excellent fit for both casual lounging, trips to the store, or performance activity. The line of clothing has a price point aimed to fit your budget as most outfits start at a range of $25.

Fabletics not only ensures an affordable price point on their athleisure line of active wear, but they can keep that price down because their business model sells direct to consumers. The goal of Fabletics is about getting people more active and becoming more healthy. Because of that goal, Fabletics has ventured out in different styles of athleisure wear to include swimwear and dresses.

When talking to Mehera Bonner of Marie Claire Magazine at http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/, Ms. Hudson talked about the exciting new lines of active wear that came out in April from Fabletics. The aim of creating dresses and swimwear from the same amazing athleisure material will allow people to feel comfortable in normal activities when wearing those items, but allow them to be more active in them.

They are all made from the same great material and are designed with active women in mind. With the dresses and swimwear you can wear them and not sacrifice comfort for fashion. So if you are on the beach for some R&R and decide to engage in some yoga or pilates, Fabletics athleisure swimwear literally has you covered.

If you are getting ready to go out on a Friday night and you want to look great and feel comfortable, Fabletics dresses were designed with the same idea behind the leggings, to tuck everything in so it feels nice and snug. Some of the dresses have bras built into them so they double as a comfortable dress and a sort-of sports bra, leaving you looking spectacular.

When asked about the possibility of making athleisure high-end, Ms.Hudson discussed the Fabletics business model at http://mic.com/articles/129371/fabletics-commercial-takes-a-big-swipe-at-lululemon#.aSDV0xj7t. Fabletics has looked at the possibility of making high end fashion into active wear from athleisure, however, their target demographic is based on the price point they have established. Creating high-end fashion would get too expensive.

Fabletics is slowly creating something for everyone for every situation. Whether going out on the town, to the gym, or the office, the line of athleisure active wear is making it possible for everyone to feel comfortable and to look great.

Shared Office Space: Bringing Back the Bottega


While co-working spaces such as those of Google’s “Campus” in London, WorkVille in New York City, and Nextspace in California have been touted as new ideas, they are actually a resurgence of a very old one. The Italian “botteghe,” or workshops, of the 15th-Century were hotbeds of artistic, creative, and practical innovations, comprised of numerous, interdisciplnary artists, scientists, and professionals, all of whom were overseen by a single “Master.”

Read more: The Innovative Coworking Spaces of 15th-Century Italy

The “Master” brought these budding, young talents together, but they were independent in their pursuits. In a common area, they were able to both connect their projects and processes, and connect with one another, leading to the innovations for which the Renaissance is remembered today. Popular, or mainstream, beliefs and ideas clashed and coexisted with more controversial ones, as the workers both competed and collaborated on their projects. By fostering dialogue between men of disparate passions, ideas were ushered into actions and practical applications that were then ready to be introduced to the market.

The different professions, and outlooks of the professionals overseen by the Master artisan, combined to form a perfect union of art and science — the creative and the practical. It was a more holistic approach to creation and business than the division of “specialists” one sees so often today, and no one can argue with the results. Such luminaries as da Vinci and Botticceli started their careers in these Florentine botteghe, networking with people who helped them find, and form, their strengths, fashion their ideas into products, and successfully carry those products to market.

Today, shared office spaces like the ones mentioned above are bringing back that spirit while also making workspace affordable to those who do not have the means for more permanent, and private, offices. WorkVille in New York allows you to name your own price for a desk or a table in a shared, co-working environment where you will meet others who share your viewpoints and passions, as well as those with dissimilar outlooks and different disciplines.

WorkVille NYC (http://workvillenyc.com/) is not just a place to work, it is a place to network, create, converse, and compete. Mere blocks from Times Square and major transportation hubs, it brings affordable luxury to the everyday working environment. Hold meetings in the cafe, and take calls on the terrace, then return to your sun-soaked desk and try to remember that you are on the job.

James Dondero and Highland Capital Management Agree to Buy Argentinian Bonds

Argentina is planning to raise approximately $12 billion to invest in international bonds. With this new investment, Highland Capital Management is looking to participate and invest its capital in Argentina. The financial management firm currently manages up to $19 billion in assets such as emerging market and hedge funds. Highland Capital Management is looking to purchase a considerable amount of the securities that Argentina is looking to purchase according to the president and co founder of Highland Capital James Dondero. Prior to making this investment, Highland Capital Management has been the largest holder of the $4 billion of notes that Argentina has issued and which is due in the year 2033.

The decision to invest in Argentina’s debt bonds has proven to be a promising sign for the country which is trying to sell a lot of its debt in order to make payment settlements to creditors. This also indicates that a number of the distressed debt investors who have invested money in Argentina in recent years will look to keep their holdings in the coming years once Argentina gets out of its default. While Highland Capital is looking to keep the original bonds it has invested in, it also looks to buy some of the newest bonds that have been issued as well. Highland Capital Management is very optimistic about where Argentina plans to price its debt and how it will be traded.

Highland Capital Management is currently run by president and co founder James Dondero. He has been involved in the financial services field for over three decades and has a very successful career. Dondero has built a firm that specializes in asset management pertaining to hedge funds and emerging market securities. A vast majority of these funds are in the form of credit. With this management of assets, Dondero is able to serve clients from all over the world and help them achieve their objectives. Many of the clients that James and his firm serve are investors who are looking to put large sums of money in securities such as bonds as well.

Before Dondero founded Highland Capital Management, he was a credit investor and a trainee. During this time he acquired the experience and knowledge to advance his career as well as one day start up his own firm. After his entry level position he would become a chief investment officer where he would manage up to $1 billion in assets for companies such as American Express.

Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-08/argentina-luring-highland-shows-distressed-bond-buyers-to-stay

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Who Is Eric Pulier?

Eric Pulier is businessman, as well as an author and a philanthropist. He’s based out of LA, California. Below is more information about Mr. Pulier.

Pulier’s Education And Early Life
While in the fourth grade, Eric Pulier became interested in programming computers, and while in high school he started a database computer company. The businessman, who grew up in Teaneck, NJ, was educated at Harvard University in 1984. His major was English and American literature, and he was also an editor for The Harvard Crimson.

Pulier’s Career
In 1991, Pulier relocated to Los Angeles, which is where he launched a company called People Doing Things. The company addressed various issues via the use of technology. Digital Evolution is another company that Pulier founded in 1994. He also played a major role in building a private social network website for kids who are chronically ill.

Other ventures that Pulier has founded include Media Platform, Desktone and Akana. Not only has he founded numerous companies, but he took part in authoring Understanding Enterprise SOA, which is a book about SOA, short for service-oriented architecture.

Pulier is also well-known for his philanthropy work. In fact, he has donated to various non-profit organizations and he currently sits on the X-Prize’s innovation board.

Pulier has enjoyed a highly successful career and he is an experienced businessman who has a big heart, which is evident by his philanthropy work. If anyone ever has an opportunity to do business with Pulier, then they should because of the success he has achieved in the business world.

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Keith Mann Contributions In Dynamics Search Partners

Dynamics Search Partners is a private organization started in 2009 by an entrepreneur, Keith Mann. It based in New York, United States. The group is aimed to promote education through sponsoring bright students. It uses some platforms of which are well-organized programs to ensure they take full advantage. The program is done yearly and those who qualify to get the chance to study in designated college.

Recently, Keith Mann through this program was recognized by the principal, Joe Frick one of uncommon charter high school for his passionate scholarship. Those for the scholarship are just required to explain how the degree will benefit them in life to achieve their dream goals. It has raised more than $22,000.

The Uncommon School High Schools have significantly benefited from this program. It establishes and controls various public schools’ directive that tries to close the gap between poor students and enable them to study in college. In 2015-2016 academic calendars, it managed more than 40 public schools’ directive across New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts helping more than 14,000 scholars.

Dynamics Limited has over past years grown rapidly and has opened network offices worldwide including Asia and Europe. It has registered more clients yearly.

Keith and Keely Mann founded dynamics Search Limited. Mr. Keith is current the president of the company. He began his profession as the administrator in Alternative Investment Company which later turned to the private equity market in 2006. Entrepreneur Keith has managed to work for more than 15 years in which he has gained an exceptional experience in high yield and distressed investing.

As a philanthropist, Mr. Keith has a long time passion about education and is dedicated to identifying strong personalities so as to employ them for the day-to- day running of the organization. Due to this, it has significantly led to the triumph of the company.

The company is dedicated to helping many students yearly and is currently enrolling new freshmen. The candidates who would have enquired would be announced at a later date, 2006. The applicant with the best essay is also awarded 5000, US dollars to help them subscribe towards their tuition fees while at school.

For more information, use the link below, http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/keith-mann-and-dynamics-search-partners-raise-over-22k-for-uncommon-schools-of-new-york-300044729.html

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John Goullet: A Rare Combination of Business Acumen and Talent

Few people are as lucky as John Goullet. Gifted with a talent for innovation and ability to build a highly successful business from scratch, he is certainly one of the most sought after staffing executives in the IT industry. However, he is not likely to be moving from DIVERSANT Limited Liability Company, where he is the Principal and Chairman.


Before becoming an IT staffing executive, Goullet began his career as an IT consultant. He created and saw the growth of Info Technologies Inc., becoming its Chief Executive Officer. He matched the skills and working style as well as working style of consultant to the IT staffing needs of the company’s clients. In addition, Info Technologies provided various other IT services to Fortune 500 companies. After just five years in business, the Inc. Magazine conducted a survey of the 500 rapidly growing private-owned entrepreneurships in the US. Goullet’s company was among the top ten. At the same time, Info Technologies had grown to $30 million worth. It was when Info Technologies and DIVERSANT Inc. were merged in 2010 that DIVERSANT LLC was born.


One of the largest African-American owned firms in the United States offering IT staffing services, DIVERSANT is fully certified Minority-Owned Enterprise (MBE). True to its name, the company offers a diversity of products and services aimed at utmost customer satisfaction. They include IT staffing, direct hire, and innovative IT solutions. However, the company aims to not only satisfy their direct customers but also affiliates and the community. In addition, it helps find solutions by involving consultation with clients in a real business partnership.


The IT industry is forever on the growth path. However, the available talented IT professionals are not enough to satisfy the growth and IT companies are always fighting each other for them. You are, therefore, in good hands if you let John Goullet and DIVERSANT look at your hiring needs.

Apart from applying the best methods for picking out the most talented IT experts, the company offers different solutions for the needs of different companies. The experts are picked according to their skills in handling various IT tasks as well as their ability to identify with and fit at specific cultures. In addition, DIVERSANT ensures that clients get customized software development through the expertise of its own IT talents and skills.

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